List of Online Books on Sulu:

19th Century

The gardens of the sun : or A naturalist’s journal on the mountains and in the forests and swamps of Borneo and the Sulu archipelago – Burbidge, F. W. (Frederick William), 1847-1905. Published 1880.

Historia de Mindanao y Joló, por el p. Francisco Combés … Obra publicada en Madrid en 1667, y que ahora con la colaboración del p. Pablo Pastells … saca nuevamente á luz W. E. Retana.
Combés, Francisco, 1620-1665., Retana, W.E. ed. (Wenceslao Emilio), 1862-1924,, Pastells, Pablo, 1846-1932.
Madrid: [Viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios], 1897.

Memoria sobre Filipinas y Joló, redactada en 1863 y 1864 por el excmo. Señor D. Patricio de la Escosura … Publícase ahora por primera vez, ilustrada con un mapa y precedida de un prólogo de D. Francisco Cañamaque.
Escosura, Patricio de la, 1807-1878., Cañamaque y Jiménez, Francisco de Paula, ed. 1851-1891,
Madrid: Impr. de M. G. Hernandez, 1882.

Apuntes para hacer un libro sobre Joló,entresacados de los escritos: por Barrantes, Bernaldez, Escosura, Francia, Giraudier, Gonzalez, Parrado, Pazos y otros varios / por Miguel A. Espina …[]
Espina, Miguel A. (Miguel Angel), d. 1889., American Philosophical Society. Library.
Manila: Impr. y Lit. de M. Perez, 1888.

Cinco meses en Mindanao: operaciones en 1886-87; cartas al “Diario de Manila” por su corresponsal, Manuel Ma. Rincón.
Rincón, Manuel María, 1859-
Manila: [Tipo-litografía de Chofré y compañía], 1894.

The sultan of Sulu; an original satire in two acts – Ade, George, 1866-1944

English-Sulu-Malay vocabulary; with useful sentences, tables, and c – Cowie, Andson. 1893

2oth Century

Treaty with the sultan of Sulu. Information concerning the Philippine islands- Speeches of RICHARD FRANKLIN PETTI GREW (1848-1926), of south dakota, In the Senate of the United States. Agreement With The Sultan of Sulu. Wednesday, January 24, 1900.

Anting-anting stories : and other strange tales of the Filipinos – Kayme, Sargent. 1901.

Annual report of Major General George W. Davis, United States Army commanding Division of the Philippines from October 1, 1902 to July 26, 1903 – United States. Army. Division of the Philippines

A Geologic Reconnaissance of the Island of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago: I. Narrative of the Expedition … – Warren Dupré Smith. 1906.

The history of Sulu: by Najeeb M. Saleeby.
Saleeby, Najeeb M. (Najeeb Mitry), b. 1870., Ethnological Survey for Philippine Islands
Manila: Bureau of Printing, 1908.

Study of the Sulu Moros of the Sulu Archipelago, Philippines in 1908 by a U.S. Army officer, Smith, Edwin DeLand (1881-1920). Includes descriptions of their social lives and customs.

The Department of Mindanao and Sulu�� at the second Philippine Exposition : January 31 to February 14, 1914.

Sulu writing, an explanation of the Sulu-Arabic script as employed in writing the Sulu language of the southern Philippines, by C. R. Cameron
Cameron, Charles R., Philippines. Bureau of Non-Christian Tribes.
Zamboanga, P. I.: The Sulu press, 1917.

English-Samal vocabulary [microform] – Bartter, Frances E. 1921.

The Sulu Archipelago and its people, by Sixto Y. Orosa
Orosa, Sixto Y 1891-
Yonkers on Hudson, N. Y.: World book company, 1931.

Joloano Moro, by Katherine G. Buffum and Charles Lynch.
Buffum, Katherine Gough, 1884-, Lynch, Charles, 1858-1937.
[Manila: McCullough & Co., 1914]

Myself and a few Moros, by Lt. Col. Sydney A. Cloman …
Cloman, Sydney Amos, 1867-
Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Page & company, 1923.

Where the Strange Trails Go Down Sulu, Borneo, Celebes, Bali, Java, Sumatra, Straits Settlements, Malay States, Siam, Cambodia, Annam, Cochin-China. Author: E. Alexander Powell. 1921.

21st Century

Magison-ison: A Parallel Reality Construction of War among Joloano Muslim Survivors in Sulu, Philippines. A Dissertation submitted by LEA USMAN-LAPUT, Ph.D. to the College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines ,Diliman, Quezon City, Republic of the Philippines. 2005




MORE BOOKS ON SULU (Available online):

The Swish of the Kris – Vic Hurley

The Tausug by Faye Velasco

Lightning From the Clouds :The US Army and the Moro Wars  by Dirk deRoos

Resources in and about the Tausug Language

The Sulu Zone by James Francis Warren

RELATED BOOKS ON SULU (Available online):

The Isles of Fear by Katherine Mayo

United States Army in World War II The War in the Pacific Triumph in the Philippines by Robert Ross Smith

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