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sulu online library logo-jpg-90SULU ONLINE LIBRARY is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit site.

Its primary mission is to serve as a database for Sulu Studies.

It aims to support education, encourage research and elevate scholarship related to the Sulu Archipelago and the Philippines at large.

It aspires to preserve the literary and cultural heritage of Sulu and reclaim those that have been lost, neglected or forgotten.

Sulu Online Library participates in a global effort to establish a digital infrastructure for the preservation, reproduction and dissemination of knowledge. It strives to research, consolidate, digitalize and curate library materials; share those licensed under Creative Commons and re-create those classified under Public Domain.

This library is a work in progress and is still far from reaching its baseline.  As of this writing, it is composed of  several sections and a growing number of affiliate sites. In the course of time, a combination of these sites shall transform Sulu Online Library into a huge digital infrastructure providing free access to information and knowledge.


Sulu Online Library exists solely for educational purposes. It does not necessarily adhere to nor endorse the views, opinions and ideas expressed in the books, articles, documents including all the links featured in its posts, pages and widgets. Scholarship works are products of objective studies and careful investigation of sources of information among other important factors, and the most noble of these works are those undertaken for the sake of knowledge alone. Sulu Online Library declares itself free from any literary, academic, commercial and non-commercial as well as legal responsibility arising from the use or misuse of any information in its contents. Needless to say, such responsibilities remain with the end users of materials herein.

Accuracy, completeness, authenticity and currency of materials in all our sites are not within the site administrator’s scope of work and capacity. All materials are posted “as is” for scholastic and archival purposes. They are evidences of knowledge and ignorance.

The site administrator does not guarantee and cannot guarantee the maintenance, presence and availability of this site at all times. Technical issues are always a possibility while internet-related problems like malware, hacking and virus attacks may happen anytime. Even giant servers do not guarantee a 100% attack-free site and are themselves victims of internet irregularities sometimes. For this reason, this library discharges itself of any liability arising from the use of its website and its affiliates including the link to the sources of materials as well as the links placed on its widget spaces.


Most articles, research studies and published journals will only be linked to their sources’ sites. This will help direct more traffic to these sites and give us maximum usage of our limited space as well.  Generally, however, we have files of materials provided here in our catalogue sections.

Some photos in our gallery section are  posted in various sites making attribution to one site alone less accurate.  These photos therefore should not be attributed to us. Anyhow, we are taking steps to establish real ownership of all photos we use and may have to discard those that cannot be traced back to their rightful owners. Apart from the photos, materials provided in this site are meticulously linked to its sources.

Sulu Online Library may not be used in any citation unless the information required is no longer available online or the link to it is already inaccessible. In such case, the original link attached to the file shall still be retained in this site.  All rights and credits belong to the acknowledged sites and their respective authors/writers and publishers.

Literary and academic works written or undertaken by the Sulu Online Library are generally licensed under Creative Commons although a number of them have been in Public Domain.


Comments on the main library are not currently activated due to limited space capacity and time. Comments in all sections of the Sulu Online Library and affiliate sites, however, are most welcome. Unfortunately, we may not be able to reply to all of them.


Some pages in our Download Section are currently set to private pending classification of materials. We have mined them from countless individual sites and a number of online libraries and study centers that have their own restrictions on how their files should be used. We thought it is best to redirect inquirers to the sources of desired files, especially if they belong to an institution. In case sources are no longer online, you may contact our site admin for a copy. However, we may also require registration for files that have limitation clauses from the sources. As a rule, the way files were downloaded will most likely be the way they should be downloaded from this website.

A great number of our downloadable files, however, are under Public Domain and it is our intention to multiply them by making them available to all users.


For the time being, both sections of our library can be accessed only thru invitation by email. The two sites serve as our main platform for organizing bulks of files. Our library shall be more organized and more user-friendly in the future.


No copyright infringement is intended on the use of materials in this website.

Sulu Online Library is an advocate of the Fair Use Copyright Law and we religiously adhere to it. We maintain that there is no violation in our use and reproduction of materials in this site including all other affiliate sites since our mission is well-within its provisions. Should there be lapses on our part, kindly bring them into our attention. We will readily remove such materials after ascertaining the facts ourselves and document them for future reference.

We consider scholarship works preciously and hold writers and scholars in high esteem.  By the inclusion of their works in our system, and by publicly acknowledging their sources and authorship, we believe we have added another layer to their protection from being lost, stolen, altered or plagiarized. In addition, this website may have unwittingly provided an alternative platform for the advancement of the materials in its contents. On the other hand, any work that may be proven to have a copyright issue shall also be documented and removed from our library and its affiliates.


Gratitude and salutations to the authors, institutions, site owners and administrators for the valuable works they have shared online.

We also thank the WordPress for providing free platforms to countless netizens around the world.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alameen!