MNLF Thru the Years

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MNLF Founders

“MNLF LEADING PIONEERS IN THE BANGSAMORO FREEDOM STRUGGLE TO REGAIN NATIONAL SELF-DETERMINATION AND INDEPENDENCE FROM PHILIPPINE COLONIALISM: Chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Prof. Nur Misuari is shown in photo (sitting in center) with the pioneering officers and members of the MNLF Central Committee, including Dimas Pundato, MNLF Vice-Chaiman; Ustaj Salamat Hashim, MNLF Foreign Minister; Ustaj Abdulbaki Abubakar, MNLF Foreign Affairs Secretary General; Dr. Parouk Hussin, MNLF Deputy Foreign Minister; Dr. Tham Manjoorsa, MNLF National Intelligence Officer; Abdurasad Asani, MNLF Information Chairman; Ustaj Abdulmuin Kissaei, MNLF Libya Office Director, Ustaj Sharief Moksin Julabbi and other prominent MNLF leaders.” Photo courtesy of Sharief Julabbi.Source:





Misuari and Ramos, Nobel Prize Winners 2007 for achieving a 1996 Final Peace Agreement

Misuari and Ramos, Nobel Prize Winners 2007 for achieving a 1996 Final Peace Agreement.  Source:


Maas in prison at 66.

Misuari in prison at 66.Source:

Chairman Misuari of the MNLF was deported from Malaysia to the Philippines along with his seven loyal companions including Ustadz Abuharis Usman. They tried to seek refuge in Sabah but were instead arrested by the Malaysian authorities. After a month of haggling, they were finally handed over to the Philippine Government on January 7, 2002. They were “charged with rebellion for “trying to overthrow the Arroyo Government”. Misuari at the age of 66, was imprisoned with his companion, Ustadz Abuharis. Both spent four (4) years inside the two-bedroom cottage in the police camp at Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

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