Philippine Names in Chinese History

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Written by Danilo Donor

Philippine -Chinese relations is richly documented by archeological discoveries of  the presence of  porcelains dating from the start of the Sung to the Ming Dynasties  ( 960-1644. William H. Scott (1968:66) in his research on pre-hispanic source materials in Philippine history wrote: Chinese “written references parallel chronologically the porcelains found in the Philippines.”

Chinese accounts of Yueh Shih(ca.986),Wang Ta-Yuan(1349),Annals of the Sung Dynasty(1367)and Ming Dynasties (1368-1644) mentioned places in the Philippines where the Celestial Empire traded and have diplomatic with. Below are the Chinese names and the equivalent in present Philippine place names (in alphabetical order): (see Patanne ,1996,Chapters V,,VII,VIII and IX)

Chia-ma-yen -Calamianes
Fang-chia-hsi-nan – Pangasinan. The Ming Shih recorded that Pangasinan sent tribute in the 1406,1410 and 1412.

Kia-mayen- see  Chia-mayen
Li-chin-tung –  Catanduanes
Li-han – Lubang  (?)  Lian , Batangas (?)
Liu-shin-  Luzon (see Lu-song )
Li-yun- Bataan or Zambales
Lu-song – Luzon.Sent tribute envoy named Ko-cha-lao in 1405 ,as recorded in the Ming Shih.( Annals of the Ming Dynasty).

Ma-I / Ma-Yi-  Chinese name for the Philippines,”the country… north of Po-Ni (Borneo).” (Chao-Ju-Kua, ) Sung Shih ( Sung Annals)  recorded the visit of merchants from Ma-i in 982 A.D.

Ma-li-lu / Ma-Ni-Lu- Manila
Mintolang – Mindanao
Mou-li-wou –  Manila
Nan-hai – “Southern Sea  “ / South China Sea
Pai-p’uyen – Babuyan Island Ie Ilocos Region
Pa-kiad-nung / Pa-nung -kiad/Pa-suan-kian – Busuanga Island
Palau-yu  – Palawan
Pi-Shio-Ya / Pi-sho-ye -Visaya (?)
P’u-li-lu  – Polillo
P’u tuan – Butuan, sent tribute mission to China in Oct.3,1003,1007 and 1011 as recorded in Sung Shih.

San-su  – “The Three Islands…Kia-mayen,Pa-lau-yu and Pa-ki-nung”
Sin-Li-Han- Malolos,Bulacan
Su-lu – Sulu ,FAccording to Majul (2009:411) :”The earliest Chinese accounts on Sulu belong to the Yuan or Mongol Dynasty…in Wang Ta-Yuan’s  acoount Tao-I;Chi-Lio in 1349’’. Sulu sent tribute to China in 1370, 1372,1416,1429,1421,1423 and 1424.Three rulers of Sulu visited Ming court in 1417.

Tung-Liu /  Tong Lao – Tondo,ie Navotas-Malabon

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Danilo V. Donor graduated A.B. History at Far Eastern University in Manila and MA Ed at the New Era University in Quezon City, Philippines.  Mr. Donor was a former Assistant Professor in NEU where he taught History, Political Science and other Social Science subjects.  He is presently living in Calgary, Alberta.

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