Kingdoms in Southeast Asia (1AD-1500)

1 AD The Hindu migration into Southeast Asia began in about the 1st century. The Indian / Hindu immigration followed the coast of the Andaman Sea south down the Malay Peninsula (to Indonesia) & east along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand (to Cambodia).

100 -Dvipantara or “Jawa Dwipa” kingdom is reported by Indian scholars to be in Java and Sumatra-

100 – Langasuka Kingdom founded around Kedah in Malaya-

130 -Salaka or Salanka kingdom, Salakanegara, is founded in West Java-

400 -Taruma kingdom or Tarumanegara flourishes in West Java-

500 – 1377 – Beginning of Srivijaya kingdom near Palembang, in Sumatra.-

600 -Melayu kingdom flourishes around present-day Jambi on Sumatra.

670 -About this time, the first Sunda kingdom rises after the end of the Tarumanegara kingdom-

700 -Suwawa kingdom flourishes in North Sulawesi-

8th-10th Century – Mataram Kingdom I (Yogjakarta)

770 -Sailendra King Vishnu (or Dharmatunga) begins building Borobudur-

898 – Sanjaya King Balitung takes power in central Java-

1025 – Panai kingdom was founded.

1076 – Tidung kingdom

1108 – Kingdom (later Sultanate) of Tidore is founded.

1222 – Ken Angrok founds the Singhasari kingdom as King Rajasa. Ended by Madjapahit.

1292 – Beginning of Madjapahit Empire. Wijaya retreats and founds a new court at Majapahit (today Trowulan), with the help of Arya Wiraraja, the local ruler of Madura. Bali breaks away from Singhasari under the Pejeng kings at Ubud.

1297 – Pasai in Sumatra converts to Islam. Sultan Malek Saleh is the first Muslim ruler in what is now Indonesia

1333 – Kingdom of Pajajaran is founded, with its capital at Pakuan near today’s Bogor- ( Protectorate Of Madjapahit)

“1343-Around this time, traditional chronicles say that Majapahit collected tribute from “Makassar, Gowa, Banda, Sumbawa, Ende, Timor, Ternate, Sulu, Seram, Manila, and Burni (Brunei)”. Palembang and Bali were also within Majapahit’s sphere, but were more troublesome.”

1450 Sultanate of Sulu was founded by Shariful Hashim.

1460 – Kingdom of Aru (near Deli) on Sumatra becomes independent-

1470 – Tanah Hitu kingdom is founded on Ambon-

1478 – Islamic Kingdom of Demak is founded by Raden Patah-. Ended majapahit empire

1478 – Islamic Sultanate founded at Cirebon

1500 – Sultanate of Maguindanao was founded by Sharif Muhammad Kabungsuwan.



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